Yawardani Jan-ga is Horses Helping in Yawuru language. We provide supports for Aboriginal young people and youth aged 6-26 yrs.

We are based on Kimberley country to assist in nurturing our Aboriginal young people and youth through life’s challenges and leadership. With our beautiful equine team in partnership we aim to support those amazing qualities within us all, on country and through equine assisted learning. 

Yawardani Jan-ga

Horses helping young Aboriginal people through EAL (Equine Assisted Learning)

Yawardani Jan-ga responds to community concerns over youth social and emotional wellbeing with a strengths-based research program to build healthy coping skills among Aboriginal youth.

The benefits of human-animal relationships on neurodevelopmental processes suggests that horses offer uniquely enriching experiences that can help build those skills.

Horses are amazing animals. They live in the moment and mirror our behaviour which can teach us a lot about ourselves and our experiences.

They don’t judge. Horses are sensitive to people’s needs and help us learn about building strong and positive relationships.

Horses keep us grounded. They support our growth in the skills we require, at the rate we are ready for.

Just being around our horses has the power to help young people develop a better understanding of themselves and others.

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About Yawardani Jan-ga

Working alongside horses allows us to lean into what we need, be it support, leadership and or creating positive vibrations…