Four Legged Staff

Four Legged Staff

Are four legged staff are the stars of the show here at Yawardani Jan-ga.
Learn more about our amazing team of beauties below.


Age: 7
Breed: Australian riding pony
Best friend: Paris
Colouring: Dark Bay, white stripes on her face
Interesting fact: Vocal at dinner time and likes to hang out in the shade


Age: 18
Breed: American paint x Quarter horse
Best friend: Anyone who follows her lead
Colouring: Chestnut
Interesting fact: Born leader, enjoys all interactions with food and brushing involved

Awesome (Awesome Friend of Mine)

Age: 18
Breed: American paint x Quarter horse
Best friend: Nobody unless they are willing to be groomed by him
Colouring: Chestnut and white pinto, Sorrel Overo
Interesting fact: He is pretty cruisy, enjoys public events and demonstrations

Romeo (Karisma Painted Romeo)

Age: 12
Breed: Arab x Quarter horse (Quarab)
Best friend: Nyarlu
Colouring: Palomino and white pinto (Tobiano)
Interesting fact: He is a best friend, very playful and a non-dominant herd member who enjoys the company of anyone that will let him in their space


Age: 5
Breed: Anglo – Arab
Best friend: Everybody
Colouring: Dark Bay
Interesting fact: Loves everybody and being close to you

Nyarlu (Wadjarri for woman)

Age: 5
Breed: Arab
Best friend: Romeo
Colouring: Flea-bitten Grey
Interesting fact: A born leader, loves being involved and getting groomed

Lil Roc (Challa Station Rocksolid)

Age: 2
Breed: Morgan
Best friend: Awesome
Colouring: Burnt buckskin
Interesting fact: Very playful and loves attention

Babarla (brother in Yawuru)

Age: 4
Breed: Arabian x Welsh
Best friend: Maisey
Colouring: Strawberry roan
Interesting fact: Loves playing and rolling around on the dirt