Our Program

Our Tailored Program

Our Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) program takes a strengths-based, person-centred approach for the delivery of enhancing Social, Emotional and Wellbeing learning for Aboriginal young people and youth.

This involves activities such as grooming, leading, haltering and specifically safe and structured time interacting with horses.

Participants are guided through these different experiences with our horses, designed to increase mindfulness, self-awareness, confidence and regulation, learning to respond rather than react.

Practicing these skills each week, participants become better equipped to handle other challenges in everyday life.

Every session is different. The connection to country and being on country creates a unique opportunity to strengthen the best parts of ourselves working on Yawuru country keeps us centred to create Mabu Liyarn (good feeling) (Aunty Di Appleby).

The connection to country and being on country enhances the thoughts about self become stronger and more positive. 

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We offer 1 on 1 sessions for people in need, as well as programs tailored to schools and community groups. Get in touch with us to find out more.