Parent/Carer Feedback

We’ve received some fantastic feedback form parents and carers of kids that have participated in the Yawardani Jan-ga program. 

At the 5 session, 10 session and then 3,6,12 month mark. Some of our young people come back in for a set of three top up sessions, others may come back for ten sessions and others we may not see again for sometimes over a year, if at all. Its always really nice to hear what our families are seeing and how our young people are going.

“Son is so happy and loving the horses. I’ve noticed a new confidence, and he is also retaining information better 👍. Son’s more communicative as well”.
Male 10 yr. old

“There have been positive changes in son would like him to return to the YJ. Gets on well with family and friends now”.
Male 9 yr. old.

“Shown a little anxiety again, so would like daughter to return to the YJ as that seemed to help her. I will contact the school to get a referral completed for my daughter to attend the YJ”.
Female 8 yr. old.

“My daughter is doing okay but would like both daughters to go and check out the YJ again”.
Female 15 & 18 yr. old.

“My son wants to return to YJ to spend time with the horses, been having days of lately not working for him and lack of support in school so mum would like to see him return to the YJ if possible”.
Male 10 yr. old.

“Would like to see both grandchildren go back to YJ or attend YJ but want to know cost”.
Male 12 & Female 14 yr. old.

“Want both sons to come to the horse program, one in year 2 to come to the YJ”.
Male 11 yr. old.

“Would like daughter to return to YJ. Just returned from holidays”
Female 11 yr. old.

“Son loves being around horses, wants son to return”.
Male 10 yr. old


“Guardian advised horse program worked well for two teenagers in his and wife care, but they have moved interstate”.
Female 13 yr. old. & Female 13 yr. old.

‘Feels son doesn’t need to return to YJ, because his behaviour has improved”.
Male 12 yr. old.

“Son doing well after attending the YJ but don’t need to return”.
Male 10 yr. old.

“Child has moved to another town and seems to be doing okay”.
Female 14 yr. old.

Son doing well, didn’t need to return”.
Male 10 yr. old.

“Thanks for reaching out. son absolutely loved his ‘horses’ day’ when he was doing the program. I noticed a difference when he was doing it and he loved just coming to ‘talk to the horses. He was doing well for a period but has regressed a little this term and we are just working through this (expected to be a bit of a challenge into next term as his teacher is leaving and he has developed a strong relationship with her). Is there a chance for him to go on a waitlist to do the program again at all? He thrived more when this was part of his routine. Son is his happiest when he is around animals so the Yawardani program was so great for him”.
Male 7yr. old.

“Wants both daughters to attend YJ”.
Female 8 yr. old x 2

“Would like son to return to YJ, loves being around horses”.
Male 10 yr. old.

“Son has been doing well since completing YJ, has his ups and downs but just growing pains”.
Male 12 yr. old.

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